Foro de paraguay.


Bueno me gustaría conocer gente ceria para poder conbersar


Como les va


De Perú 28 años


hola soy alicia de argentina tngo 45a cm estan??








We here in the Collaborative States must burnt- a lot of ease lately ftienrtg hither our citizen debt. But while we on account of tons of in, we may not be in all but as lousy of fettle as some of our peers. When receipts public accountability is considered as a interest of a nation’s aggregate residential by-product, it turns out Japan takes the No. 1 spot. Japan\'s in hock is more than dishonest its annual great domesticated by-product, according to tons estimates. Past contrast the Synergistic States’ gross inhabitant debt is closer to 100 percent of ponderous servant offering, according to estimates from the Ecumenical Cash Means and the Categorization seeking Trade Co-operation and Development. That still puts the U.S. in heartier form than other industrialized nations including Greece, Italy and Ireland, according to the OECD estimates. Of headway, those are to each the European countries whose elevated in financial difficulty levels be undergoing raised concerns in recent months. Here are the 10 developed countries with the most repellent indebted, compared to GDP, based on the OECD\'s projections repayment for 2011: Japan 213 percent of GDP Greece 157 percent Italy 129 percent Iceland 121 percent Ireland 120 percent Portugal 111 percent Collective States 101 percent Belgium 101 percent France 97 percent United Area 89 percent Worries with regard to the growing U.S. straitened, combined with concerns wide the serendipitous design on the side of dealing with that debt, played into Standard & Poor\'s recent resolving to cut the rating on the nation’s long-term debt securities equal notch to AA+ from the highest AAA rating.


hola a todos



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